Attacking and defending a village.

Combat happens when a village issues an order on another village. At the time of issue, an attack order is made to travel from the starting village to the destination village. The attacker will send an army containing up to one CryptoBlades hero, as well as any number of troops from their village.

The time to travel to the subsequent village will follow Traversal rules.

Attacks operate as follows:

  • Add up the total attack of the attacking army vs the defending army (attack goes up by 1 per unit the attacker has, and is doubled for a specific unit count up to the number of enemy units it's strong against), then add the Smithy bonus.

  • Add up the total defense of the defending army vs the attacking army (same rules as above), then add the Wall bonus.

  • Apply damage randomly, simultaneously, between the two armies.

    • If there are multiple supporting players for the defender, damage is taken randomly between all their armies.

  • If the attacking army is still alive, then:

    • each living member of the army takes up to 5 resources of a random type

    • the attacking army walks back home, and delivers resources when it arrives

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