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Advantages of a Guild

Why would you join one, anyway?
Guilds offer many benefits to the player.

A Place to Communicate

Every guild has it's own mini-forum, where users can post and other users can reply. It's a very simplistic feature as it need not require much. Moderators can delete messages or threads if they are problematic.
Posting on this forum has a cooldown of once per minute, to prevent spam.

Attack / Support Board

View all of the incoming and outgoing attack and support commands from every village in the guild. This helps players coordinate their attacks and defenses.

Status Board

View all of the villages in the guild, their scores, their constructions and army sizes. This helps players understand what their guildmates are doing, and then fill in any gaps they see on their own.

Resource Board

View resources for each village in the guild, and allow for sending resources to guildmates.

Dungeon Board

View dungeons that other players would like to undertake and have requested for help on, and commit resources to help them if desired.