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What villages can do in CryptoBlades: Kingdoms
Villages are what players use to interact with the world of CBK. Every player starts with exactly 1 village, which can either be bought from the market or freshly minted.
Villages will come in multiple tiers: tier 1, tier 2, tier 3.
  1. 1.
    Tier 1 villages are placed completely randomly, and are only placed when a player joins.
  2. 2.
    Tier 2 villages allow the player to choose a chunk to spawn in (assuming it's not too populated presently), but their village will be placed randomly in that chunk.
  3. 3.
    Tier 3 villages will spawn when the world is created, and there will only be 1 per chunk, placed randomly in that chunk. These villages will start with slightly higher building levels and initial resources. These villages will also have slightly different graphics for their village, as well as a star next to their name on the overworld, and they'll be called "gold village[s]".
Chunks are balanced based on the number of villages so no chunk can be too populated without balancing it against the rest of the world. If chunk 1 has 50 players, and chunk 2 has 40 players for example, no players can join chunk 1 until chunk 2 (and the rest of the world) is closer to 50.
There will be an initial offering of 1,000,000 villages (1/25th of the supply). These are the only villages that can be sold, and will be called "original village[s]". These villages are the only ones that can be sold on the market. These villages can also be burnt. There are 100 villages per chunk, out of the 10000 chunks in the game, randomly distributed and able to be purchased initially.
A third type of village is able to be obtained when sending a missionary to a land to take it over. These villages are "conquered village[s]" and can be burnt but not sold on the market.
Some empty villages will spawn on the map. These are barbarian villages, meaning that they only exist to get attacked. They will slowly generate resources over time.
Villages are considered abandoned if they're left alone for more than two weeks. This is purely cosmetic, but will attract many players to raid the village for resources if they know it's not being actively protected.
Villages gain resources over time depending on the level of the generators (Stone Mine, Clay Pit, Forest Camp) in the village.
All villages have buildings, that can be upgraded. Each building uniquely helps a village grow.
All villages have a score, which is represented by their building levels. Score is public, and can be used to roughly estimate what kind of potential power a village has
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