Choosing Enemies

It is always recommended to choose an enemy with an element that your character has an advantage against.

The formula that calculates the randomized enemies you encounter is based off of your selected character and weapon. This means that theoretically you are always given a range of enemies that are all possible to defeat.

Because the calculation doesn't take into account elements, you can secure a high win rate by choosing weapons that match your element, and choosing enemies that you have an advantage against.

If your stamina is about to overflow, and you have no enemies where you have elemental advantage against, you may choose to fight enemies of other elements.

Fighting a similar or off-element enemy incurs no bonus but incurs no penalties against.

As much as possible, try to avoid fighting into elemental disadvantage.

Hourly Refresh

Sometimes you get sent a randomized set of enemies where you have no elemental advantage. If you have the stamina to spare, you may opt to wait for the next refresh to receive a new set of enemies to choose from.

Every hour at UTC +0, the enemies refresh. CryptoBlades prevents combat in the final 30 seconds of each hour to prevent EVM errors, though it is recommended to wait for the full refresh if it is about to come to prevent any transaction errors due to missing enemies.

High Power and Low Power

Enemy power ranges from ±10% of the calculated value, and as such have a wide variance especially if your character levels get higher.

The choice to target a high powered enemy against a low powered enemy boils down to choosing payout over win rate.

Choosing high powered enemies have a higher chance of loss, but have a higher experience and SKILL payout as well.

Choosing low powered enemies results in a higher win rate with a lower experience gain and SKILL payout.

For new players, it is recommended to choose lower powered enemies to guarantee a reward and experience progression.

Stamina Spending

Spending a larger amount of stamina per fight would result in the same dollar value return when considering gas, but may result in a smaller average payout over a long period of time if the player loses multiple fights.

Higher stamina spending amplifies any losses the player may get, but in return saves time and gas especially if the player is operating with multiple accounts and/or a budget in gas BNB.

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