Raids are an alternative gameplay feature that players can do with their Character and Weapon NFTs.

Stamina and Durability Costs

Raids cost a full 200 stamina and 20 durability per Character and Weapon committed to the raid.

Raids subtract the remaining stamina and durability on characters and weapons, and pauses regeneration until the full value is paid for. In the case of sending NFTs that aren't full, stamina and durability regeneration only resumes once the 200/20 values have been fully accounted for.

Time and Power

Raids run on a cycle of 8 hours each, and immediately after one raid ends another raid begins. The next raid's element is random, and the Boss Power is dependent on the previous raid's listed Total Power.

The next raid after the current one ends will always have a Boss Power of half the previous raid. This means that as more or less people raid, the difficulty either increases or decreases over a period of time.

There will be times when raiding is no longer the best decision to make as the raid's Boss Power will be too high. This is intended design to create choices for the player whether to raid or to fight.

Should there be insufficient players to clear the current raid, the next raid is expected to be easier until we reach the point that it becomes a good decision to raid again to guarantee or come close to a victory.

The potential rewards of a raid do not change depending on the raid's difficulty.

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